Monday, October 20, 2014

Just Like Riding A Bike

It is true that you can never forget how to ride a bike, however, it isn't near as easy as when you were young, energetic, and fearless. If anyone tells you different...they're liars.

I've been wanting a bike for awhile now, so when my dad offered me one I jumped at the chance. Since I had a bike, that meant we needed one for Will too, and two weeks later we had two bikes for a total cost of $25 bucks. You know how we roll. We are ready to hit the trails, bike around town, and more importantly...we can now go hang out with our friends and I won't have to DD! Just kidding, I still probably won't drink, but it's nice to have the option.

But just so you know, the first day on that bike KILLED my ass...literally. We went about ten miles, and it was aaaaall hills. I expected a lovely afternoon ride, indicated by my casual outfit, and instead I was huffin' and puffin' trying to keep my hat on. In spite of that, we laughed as we walked up a few of the steep ones, edited our route when we needed to, and really enjoyed the smoothies we picked up along the way.

I now think everyone should have a bike!

Friday, October 17, 2014

High School Reunion Time!

Recently, I had a 2nd Lieutenant  {straight out'a college}spouting off his high school GPA and SAT scores, and I was all like GTFO. As nicely as I could I said, "Listen, everyone here is at least ten years out of high school, and if you bring that nonsense around here, they will one-up you with their statistics: how many times they've deployed, how many holidays they've missed out on, and even better- how many combat awards they've received." I haven't seen him since.

So yeah, high school doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Good ol' Buck says a high school diploma is like every kid getting a trophy at the end of the season, and he's kind'a right. However, now that it's time to go to my reunion, it's humble brag time. I'm sure we will reminisce about the good ol' days, but you know everyone wants to talk about what they've accomplished since. I'm sure I'll get a few snub noses now that I'm an SAHW, but I'm pretty bad@ss  at it, so I have no problem embracing it. Since ye old high school days, I have...

+ I graduated from Florida Atlantic University.

+ I'm a proud Deepher.
+I'm still super close with my family...closer even.
+ I snagged a super Hunky husband and have a really good marriage.

+ I love being a military spouse.
+ I'm a kick ass SAHW, but I work for the government on the side. For fun.
+ I was published in a Chicken Soup book.
+ I have maintained a blog for {almost} FOUR years.
+I'm such a good volunteer that I was VOM.
+ And in general, I just live life to the fullest.

Although, I feel like I'll feel super awkard talking about stuff like this so I'll probably just listen, enjoy my two free drinks, eat some yummy food, and hit up that photo booth. #BasicB@tches LOVE photo booths, am I right? Unfortunately, I won't be taking my biggest asset {my hunky soldier} to show off because the pup is sick. Thank goodness I blast him all over my blog and Facebook, or they wouldn't believe how wonderful he is. Heck, they probably still won't believe it, and I can hear it now, "They marriage can't be as perfect as it is online..."

But seriously, have you been to a reunion? Is it as bad as people say? I'll have fun either way {did I mention free drinks}, but I would like to know what I'm getting in to. I should have asked y'all what to wear, but it's too late now. Why I waited until the last minute for an outfit is beyond me. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Childhood Memories of Pet Squirrels AND The Time The FBI Interrogated Me

I recently saw a story about a guy that rescued a squirrel and how 'amazing' it was. To this I say, been there, DONE that. I found an orphaned baby squirrel when I was little, and of course I made him my pet. My grandpa built a cage that allowed him to go in and out, while keeping predators away, and he actually stuck around. He could forage for his own food and be free, but when he saw me he'd come a runnin', and we would play or he'd watch tv on my shoulder.

I love that my grandma still has the following hanging on her fridge, and in case you've ever wondered- yes, my head has always been bigger than my body.

Now let's fast forward to seventeen year old Janna working in a jewelry store. It seemed like the perfect summer- piece of cake-job...until the FBI showed up to my house. Imagine my surprise when they informed me that I had been accused of stealing half a million in jewelry. Thankfully they had an ounce of brain power, because they thought that seemed a tidge fishy. But still, can you imagine the FBI questioning you in front of your grandmother? She told them her grandchildren want for nothing, and more importantly, I wasn't getting much off the Black Market if I still had to ask for pocket change to got to the movies. Long story short, the very same woman from the boutique that had accused me turned out to be the real thief. That charlatan had worked there for years and had been pocketing jewels for just as many!

At the time, I didn't find it funny. Luckily, now I can look back and it's as entertaining to share as my pet squirrel. Linking up with Helene! {I'm on a roll}

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Marriage Advice I Live By

I have been given a lot of advice in my life, and unlike most, I soak up every bit of it. The good as well as the bad can teach you about life and humanity, as long as you can decipher between the two. My favorite advice, though, involves anything to do with marriage. No matter how much love you have, it takes effort and communication to find the fairy tale.

You may find this hard to believe, but a preacher bestowed this gem upon us:
"When you and your spouse are in a fight, juuuust get nekid. No fight can last when someone's in their Adam & Eve suit." Amen to that brotha'!

And the other bit that runs through my mind constantly is the idea that Our husbands aren't out to get us. When I first started blogging I followed a lovely blogger named Megan, and one day she retold a story about a fight she had with her husband. She shared it because it made her come to the realization that her husband was not out to get her, even though we all seem to jump to that conclusion. It makes marriage so much easier when you connect the dots and realize that your spouse isn't trying to piss you off when they do things like leave the dog food container open, leave his drawers on his dresser wide open {ahem...obviously my pet peeves}, or any old thing that happens during an argument really.

To add my two cents, I list off the wonderful things about my husband when I'm upset, which allows me to calm down before I 'communicate' my issues and maintain a level head. Try it, it's really hard to be mad at someone while you think about how hard they work for your little family, that they work on your truck, pose for all your couples pictures, do the dishes, and specifically ask to have dinner and date nights with you while other husbands go to happy hour. I'm not saying you should just forget about your problem, but don't approach it with the mindset that he's 'out to get you' or even wrong. There is no right and wrong person in a marriage as long as you put each other first and care about the needs of one another.

What is your favorite marriage advice?
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